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European Palestinians Conference President meets with a group of Arab institution heads in Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala | 30-04-2023

At the invitation of the Free Opinion Association in Uppsala, both the President of the European Palestinians Conference “Amin Abuo Rashid” and the President of the Palestinian Justice Center in Sweden “Moussa Al-Rifai” participated in the monthly meeting held by a group of Arab institutions in Uppsala.

In turn, Emil Sersour, President of the Free Opinion Association, welcomed the delegation from the Palestinian Europe Conference to the meeting’s activities, emphasizing the importance of cooperation among institutions working in Sweden to ensure the success of the 20th edition of the Palestinian Europe Conference.

For his part, “Amin Abuo Rashid,” the President of the Palestinian Europe Conference Foundation, confirmed that the conference in its twentieth edition, which will be held in the city of Malmo on May 27, is the result of collective work by dozens of institutions working for Palestine in Europe.

Meanwhile, “Moussa Al-Rifai,” the President of the Palestinian Justice Center in Sweden, pointed out the importance of the role played by institutions and activists in Sweden to ensure the conference’s success, expressing his happiness with the integration of efforts of the conference committees in Sweden to promote Palestinian rights.

It is worth noting that a number of heads of Arab associations in Uppsala, as well as a group of cultural and political Palestinian activists and stakeholders, participated in the meeting.

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