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How did the idea of return conferences come up in Europe?
Given the importance of the role played by the Palestinian people in the diaspora in general, and in Europe in particular, in the fabric of the Palestinian refugees, and after the emergence of waiving the right of return in the negotiations of the so-called final solution, some active popular organizations called for the establishment of a European conference for the Palestinian people living in Europe. The aim of this gathering is to affirm the right of the Palestinians to return to their homes and lands, regardless of their legal, political, social and economic status. This right should be at the core of all the Palestinian and Arab action in order to protect the Palestinian people and guarantee their legitimate inalienable rights.

Palestinian Conference in Europe:
The issue of the Palestinian refugees, who were forcibly displaced from their homeland in 1948 to establish what is now called Israel, is the main axis of the Palestinian cause. Resolving the refugees’ issue is one of the main keys to the final Israel/Palestine solution. Moreover, any negligence for the refugee cause will keep the issue unresolved indefinitely.

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